RAEES…Review in 2 mints

Are you a die hard fan of SRK?

Then you have already seen this movie or planning to see this movie. This review would not matter for you as much.

An intelligent criminal mind, a strict police officer, a faithful friend and a betrayal. Does this sound very similar? If yes then you can also understand the rest. Though the story had a lot of common factors with other movies still, the screenplay and script had a lot of scopes of innovative representation. But somehow to keep SRK on the focus always, the other actors became less prioritized by default. SRK gave his superstar like performance. Mahira Khan was in this movie only for some (extra) romantic scenes.Atul Kulkarni and Nawazuddin Siddiqui could be on the screen for little more and that could actually add extra colours to the SRK’s character. Unfortunately, they were less used than they should. In between nearly one hour was quite boring till Nawaz bounced back on the screen and initiated a heart compelling climax.

At the very beginning, there is one dialog on Nawaz’s voice that I like to mention- ” Pawandi hi Bagawat ki suruwat hai…”

Overall: 3.5/5


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