KAABIL…Review in 2mints

What is our overall expectation from a typical Bollywood movie?

Action, Romance, Suspense and Thriller. Kaabil covers all of them.

The first half an hour, it starts with slow ‘Romance’ and plot building; then comes struggle; then the ‘Thrilling’ part followed by ‘Action’ and at the very end a twisted suspense reveals which will definitely blow your mind.

The hard work of each actor bloomed this movie so beautifully that you will never feel any extra part except few songs. Hrithik left his superhero image behind and played a role of a common man which can connect you to his day to day life. Yami Goutam is not only an eye-catcher in this movie but also performed very significantly. Ronit Roy is becoming a powerful face with darker shades in Bollywood.

I am not a movie spoiler but still, I want to mention this part. While the whole movie goes on more or less as per  our expectation, the last scene blows our mind-“Samajh jayenge aap aur agge kisko samjha nehi payenge.

Overall: 4/5


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