Jolly LLB2… Review in 2mints

This movie does not have typical entertainment package but this one is definitely an eye-opener for all of us about Indian Judicial System from where every day thousand of innocents are expecting justice and millions are returning with their broken hearts.

This movie is not one of them which can feel you happy after ending but can make you think, can make you ask questions against all those whom we believe as the protectors of The Greatest Democracy.

Coming to the Movie. Where Jolly LLB was about Comedy and Social Message – Jolly LLB2 is about Comedy, Action and Social Message. After long years, Akshay was looking little bit struggling in comedy scenes but still, Akshay’s performance will feel you to be connected with this film all time. Sourabh Shukla proved again that he yet has a lot for us. Annu Kapoor showed his perfect presence on the screen. But why such a strong actress like Huma Qureshi was taken for this film when she didn’t have enough scope to bloom, that is not understandable. In the whole movie, she got drunk and clapped for Akshay.

Still, if you want to see a really good movie this weekend then ‘YES’ it is a good one. There is no doubt about watching it in theaters.



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