Jagga Jasoos… Review in 2mint

Do you love Biryani? Yes, and you can do anything for it, right? But the question is, do you like in that same way if you are offered Biryani for next one month on your every meal?

This movie had well portrayed fantastic fascinating fantasy sets which could be a great pleasure to your eyes but at the same time, this movie was so long that there is a possibility of getting bored too.

The good part of this movie was, everyone’s acting can make you glue on your seat. Disnip graphics added that extra flavour without which this movie could have been fall on its face. A great social message with every sub plot and the song had been kept for the audience. It is also a tour package from North-East India to Africa. It was an absolute poetic creation. This movie covers politics, sociology, history, terrorism, counter-terrorism, spirituality, childhood dreams in a very humorous way.  So if you are a person who can see a movie for all above then this is your cup of tea.

But the problem was basically, the story was actually quite short. But a lot of songs and subplots stress this move for three hours. So the whole movie becomes too poetic to enjoy for some audiences. A strong message of war and world peace has been diluted such a way because of too much humorous story telling that the audience can easily miss it. If you are a person who enjoys movie over a popcorn(mostly), then most probably you may enjoy your popcorn more than this movie.

Overall: 3/5


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